Select according to measuring distance

  • NEWShort type

    1mm Measuring range / 5mm Measuring range

  • Mid-length type

    12mm Measuring range / 12mm Measuring range

  • Long type

    32mm Measuring range / 50mm Measuring range

Select according to installation environment

  • Air push type

    • Components including guided cylinders and jigs are kept to a minimum.
    • Reduces assembly and adjustment efforts.
  • Flange-mounting type
    (all-in-one model)

    • No position adjustment required during installation.
    • Rugged design eliminates the risk of sensor head damage even when tightly clamped.
  • Low stress
    (Measuring force: 0.1 N and up)

    • Measure without applying force to the target.

Download the catalog for more details on
how this technology can be used in
your facility.

Download here.


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