NEW Digital Microscope VHX-6000 Series

Superior Analysis
Through Clearer Observation

  • Capture Fully-focused Images in Seconds NEW

    Due to its high frame rate camera, the VHX can instantly scan through the focal range of a sample, recognize which areas are in focus, and build a fully-focused image. This provides users with more in-depth information and in a fraction of the time of conventional systems.

  • Automatically Adjusts the Direction of Light
    to Reveal Surface Features with the Push of a Button

    Lighting is the most important factor when it comes to capturing images. Until now, taking full advantage of lighting was a difficult task when performing magnified observation. Now, thanks to KEYENCE's Multi-lighting function, surface features that were previously impossible to view become clear at just the push of a button.

  • Multi-Angle Observation

    View an object from any angle by tilting the lens up to 90 degrees and rotating the stage 180 degrees. Observing a target from various angles can now be done without having to manipulate the sample by hand. Users can even image large objects that traditionally could not be viewed with a microscope by using hand-held mode.

  • Real-Time Measurement

    Users can perform any kind of measurement—including 2-point, angle, diameter, parallel line, and area—directly on the screen with just a few clicks of the mouse. Data can also be saved in an album and accessed later for further measurement. Moreover, the free communication software makes it possible for anyone to utilize the measurement functions from their own PC.

    With over 20 different measurement functions available, users can choose the right tool to meet any measurement need.

  • 3D Display & Measurement Functions

    Using 3D data, the VHX-6000 makes it possible to measure at any targeted point. Data can be collected to calculate the profile, height, and volume for any area within the field-of-view.

    3D Measurement Tools

  • Download the Catalog
    for More Information.

You can also contact us at: 1-888-KEYENCE

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