NEW Digital Microscope VHX-6000 Series

Superior Analysis
Through Clearer Observation

Overcoming Limitations of Conventional Microscopes

  • Conventional problem
    Shallow depth-of-field and difficulty focusing
    Large depth-of-field for clear 3D observation
    • The VHX-6000 provides a 20 times greater depth-of-field than optical microscopes. The VHX-6000 can accurately observe the surface topography of a target with large peaks and valleys. Furthermore, the number of steps required for observation and focus adjustment are considerably reduced.
      • Only partially in focus
      • Entire sample in focus
  • Conventional problem
    Imaging can only be done top-down
    Multi-angle observation
    • View an object from any angle by tilting the lens up to 90 degrees and rotating the stage 360 degrees. Since the stand and stage can be moved instead of the actual part, observing a target from various angles can be done without having to manipulate the part by hand.
      • Only allows top-down observation
      • Observe targets from various angles
  • Conventional problem
    Height cannot be measured
    3D measurement capability
    • Once a 3D image has been created, data can be easily collected to calculate the profile, height, and volume for any area within the field-of-view. When used in conjunction with the image stitching function, a wide-field 3D image can be generated to help users understand the topography of a surface over a large area.

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New Functionality

  • Image with unprecedented
    clarity and texture


  • Automatically count
    foreign particles

    Contamination analysis

  • Grain Size Measurement
    and Analysis

  • Download the Catalog
    for More Information.

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