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Form, Contour, and Roughness Measurements in as Little as 1 Second NEW Wide-Area 3D Measurement System VR-5000

Multiple measurement systems in one device

The VR-5000 integrates the capabilities of several different measurement systems into a single benchtop device.

[Height / Flatness] [Form / Contour] [Diameter] [CAD comparison Volume / area] [Length] [Surface roughness]

Automatically configures measurement settings with the click of a button

Eliminate measurement errors and variability between operators.

[Automatic width and height measurement] Automation [Auto Focus / Measurement Volume / Measurement Settings]

Measure surface topography up to 50 mm in height

Accommodates overall shape measurements such as form, contour, and flatness, along with more detailed roughness analysis.

Wall thickness and undercut measurements

By combining measurements of the top, bottom, and sides of a part, the VR-5000 is able to measure undercuts and the overall thickness of a part.

3D-CAD comparison

Measure design deviations and easily see the differences. Measurement data can also be output as CAD data.

[3D CAD] [Measurement data]

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