Non-Contact Marking Survey

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- Valid for those within the USA with a valid US mailing address.
- Limited to 1 gift per customer.
- Item color may vary.
- The gift will be sent out while stock lasts.
- Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
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* You will receive a gift no matter how you respond to survey questions.

Marking Questionnaire
Q1. Do you currently use laser markers at your facility and/or have plans to purchase? (required)
Q2. How many laser marking systems do you add to your facility per year?
Q3. If you have laser markers currently, what type of laser are you using? How many?
Q4. What other types of marking devices are you using if not lasers?

Q5. If you use laser markers, which manufacturer(s) do you often use? Please select all that apply
Q6. How many products per minute or second does your production line mark?

Parts per minute:

Parts per second:

Q7. If you have plans to purchase laser markers, please describe the application. (marking material, marking content, etc.)

Q8. Please enter other comments here.

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