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STEP1What type of liquid?

Liquids only (ex. Water, coolant, oil, adhesive, grease, etc.), no gases or air.

If considering multiple flow applications, please submit each application seperately.



STEP2What are the pipe characteristics?

Pipe Material

Examples: Stainless steel, PVC, copper, plastic tube, etc.

Please note our flow meters are only designed for single material pipes/tubes. They are not compatible with lined pipes or braided hosing.

Pipe Size

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)
Outer Diameter (OD)

Please enter both OD and NPS pipe size if possible. You can click the button below to see a Pipe Size Reference Chart.

NPS OD [mm in]
N/A 3.18mm - 10.29mm
0.125"- 0.405"
1/8 10.29mm 0.405"
1/4 13.72mm 0.540"
3/8 17.15mm 0.675"
1/2 21.34mm 0.840"
3/4 26.67mm 1.050"
1 33.40mm 1.315"
1 1/4 42.16mm 1.660"
1 1/2 48.26mm 1.900"
2 60.33mm 2.375"
2 1/2 73.03mm 2.875"
3 88.90mm 3.500"
3 1/2 101.60mm 4.000"
4 114.30mm 4.500"
4 1/2 127.00mm 5.000"
5 141.30mm 5.563"
6 168.28mm 6.625"
7 193.68mm 7.625"
8 219.08mm 8.625"



STEP3What is the fluid temperature?

For fluids with large temperature changes, please input as a range.
Example: 0-80 ° C



STEP4What do you want to monitor?

Select All That Apply

What will the flow rate be?

For fluids with large flow rate fluctuations, please input as a range.
Example: 10-200 Gallons per Minute

What will the shot amount be?

What will be the length of time of the shot?



STEP5What kind of output is required?

Select All That Apply

Discrete Output

Discrete output examples: Threshold output, two threshold outputs, area/window confirmation, pulse output.

Analog Output

Analog Output is linked to the instantaneous flow rate & can be scaled.

Network Communication

Network Communication includes ability to monitor specified values from the sensor remotely.

No Output Needed




STEP6Please provide any other relevant application details.

Example: Machine type and location, process info, etc.

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