Ensure Light Curtain Alignment

Avoid common struggles related to misalignment:

  • False Trips
  • Downtime
  • Lengthy Setup

Safety Light Curtain
GL-R Series

The GL-R Series features

3 simple ways to ensure alignment


1NEW Battery-Powered Alignment Tool

Alignment without power

The laser alignment tool attaches anywhere on the face of the light curtain to quickly ensure proper alignment. More impressively, this can be done without the need for any wiring.

2Built-In Alignment Indicators

Integrated lights signal alignment

The top and bottom indicators in every GL-R Series light curtain also double as alignment indicators. Align the top or bottom of the curtain and the corresponding indicator will illuminate RED. Once the curtain is fully aligned, all indicators turn GREEN.

3Advanced Alignment Method

Precisely align each individual beam


Extremely beneficial in long rang applications, the free GL-R software includes an alignment tool that clearly displays the alignment of each individual beam axis. Monitor in real-time and simply adjust the light curtain to achieve perfect alignment.

See catalog for details.

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