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Reliable Detection through Imaging
— Introducing the AI Series

  • Variations in target position
  • Vibrating targets
  • Dirty targets
  • Irregularly shaped targets

Stable detection through imaging

  • Separate amplifier model

  • All-in-one model


  • Screw Parts

    • Problem

      • Position
      • Angle
    • Solution

      • Area
  • Gum Cap Check

    • Problem

      • Position
      • Angle
      • Similar color
    • Solution

      • Area
      • Edge
  • Label Check

    • Problem

      • Position
    • Solution

      • Area
      • Edge
  • Seam Check

    • Problem

      • Position
      • Angle
    • Solution

      • Area
      • Brightness
  • Incredibly simple installation and tuning

    Single-button setup (No need for a PC or monitor)

    Setup only takes two button pushes

    Live Display

    • Press the SET button
      with the target present

    • Press the SET button again
      with no target present

  • Compact Sensor Head

    Similar in size to photoelectric sensors

    Install anywhere

More application examples and details can be found in the catalog.
Click the link below to download.

For details, see the catalog.

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