IX Series Advantages over Conventional Laser Sensors

NEW Image-Based Laser Sensor IX Series

Stable detection even with tilted targets

ApplicationWasher presence detection

Conventional sensors

The height of where the laser hits the target will vary if the target is tilted or if the target itself is different. This can result in unstable detection.

IX Series

The ability to check for height differences with just one device ensures stable detection even if the target tilts.

Follows even rotated targets

ApplicationBolt height difference checking

Conventional sensors

Variations in target position and orientation can cause the spot where the laser hits the target to change, resulting in incorrect detection.

IX Series

The lasers follow the position, orientation, and placement of the target, making it possible to identify the target location for every target.

Simple, flexible installation

Conventional sensors

Equipment and jigs need to be designed and produced according to the detection location and the sensor being used.

  • Multiple sensors must be installed in right position, adding cost
  • Guides need to be installed to correct target postion, adding time
  • Several output values have to be calculated in the PLC, adding time and cost

IX Series

The IX Series adapts to the application automatically, drastically reducing installation time and cost.

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