2 Brand New Go/No Go Judgment Sensors with Cutting-Edge Technology Image-Based Laser Sensor & Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

An Image-Based Laser Sensor which accurately detects height differences, even of similarly colored parts.

A Vision Sensor with Built-in AI which stably judges Go/No Go applications, even under changing ambient lighting.

Go/No Go Kaizen examples for each industry.

Download all 3 documents at once. Click here for details.

Image-Based Laser Sensor
 IX Series:
Height-based difference detection anywhere within the scan area

Height-Based Difference Detection

  • Height measurement possible anywhere within the area
  • Position correction function
  • Set up by simply selecting detection points
  • Height
  • Height Difference
  • Tilt
  • Incorrect Seating

Improper O-Ring Insertion Detection

Tool used: Height difference

Vision Sensor with Built-in AI
 IV2 Series:
Differentiate by part features such as shape, color, size, and even text

Appearance-Based Difference Detection

  • 1-minute setup - Easy configuration
  • Captures clear images, resulting in stable detection
  • Equipped with various detection tools
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Size
  • OCR

O-Ring Alignment Check

Tool used: Shape detection

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