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BRAND NEW SENSORPattern Matching Sensor AI Series

The sensor that can be
using only one button

For use in a wide variety of industries—from automotive, metal,
and electronics to food, medicine, and beyond

Just present the target.
Then teach using just one button.

  • Intuitive setup
    Text + animation helps with configuration

    The OLED display incorporated into the amplifier makes configuration easy with text and animation support.

  • New technology
    Just one AI can solve Multiple applications
    • SHAPE

    With the proprietary "AIA(Auto Intelligent Adjustment)",
    it is now possible to judge parts stably, which is difficult for light intensity sensors and position measurement sensors.

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Application Examples

  • Presence/Absence

    • Check for arrival of product conveyor cages
    • Detect presence of minuscule chip parts
    • Check passage of transparent bottles
  • Differentiation

    • Differentiate processed product types
    • Differentiate front/back of chip parts
    • Differentiate cap types


  • Built-in Amplifier Models
  • Amplifier
  • Separate Amplifier Models
  • The catalog is full of information
    on the further benefits of this sensor.
    Click the link below to download the catalog.

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