3D Technology Lineup

Pattern Projection Machine Vision System CV-X/XG-X Series

  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection
  • Image targets as large as 250 mm 9.84"
  • Binarize by height on low contrast targets

High-Resolution 3D Inspection System 3D Vision Series

  • 9.44 megapixel image sensor for high-resolution imaging
  • Image in 3D and true color with an RGB projector
  • Image capture and processing in as little as 600 milliseconds
  • Accurate to 10 μm in x, y, and z

Inspect Components with Low Contrast

Binarize by height instead of color using a 3D image

Inspect Large Targets in 3D with a Single Capture

Inspect large targets without moving the part or camera

PCB and Solder Inspection

Use 3D Comparison and Blob tools to inspect PCBs

Defect Detection and Measurement of Precision Components

Find defects and take measurements with 10 μm accuracy

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Multi-Dimensional Vision System CV-X/XG-X Series

Inline 3D Appearance and Dimension Inspection Image Processing System XG-X Series