Easy to use, Stable detection
Newly added
OCR function

Vision Sensor IV Series

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Neither time nor effort is required to configure
the OCR settings of
the IV Series

This tool detects whether the characters on the target being inspected matches the characters in the registered master image. The characters are compared against the large number of internal character fonts that have been preregistered, and targets that match are identified as being text/dates.

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Just Outline to Identify Text

There is no need to perform extraction (adjusting the character width and height), register a dictionary, or any other setting configurations required with conventional vision systems. Just outline the text to identify it. Furthermore, stable reading is possible even if the conditions of the text’s shading, thickness, and size change.

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Draw the window... / to automatically identify the text.

Supports a Wide Variety of Marking Methods

In addition, various text formats such as those of thermal printers, hot printers, and dot characters are supported.

Inkjet printer (Standard ink / White ink) Laser marker

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