KEYENCE LumiTraxTM Technology

Eliminate Conventional Imaging Difficulties

- Reduce glare and detect small height changes

- Make image inspections for large targets stable

NEWLumiTraxTM Award-Winning Machine Vision Technology
Customizable Vision System CV-X/XG-X

LumiTraxTM Award-Winning Machine Vision Technology

Stamped character inspection on metal casting

Low-contrast targets like cast metal with stamped characters can now be inspected and read stably with directional lighting to extract height features.

Defect inspection on a printed surface

Detect critical defects while ignoring the color and background of printed and assembled targets by only focusing on the surface.

LumiTraxTM Lighting Method

1. High-speed cameras capture images with directional lighting

Pattern, Dent

2. The differences from the directional lighting are combined to create a composite image that inspects the surface for height features as well as eliminating glare.

Variety of light sizes to meet any inspection application need.

400 mm 15.75" large light CA-DQW40X, CA-DRWxX

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