NEW! Vision System

Automatic Inspection of Defects,
Uneven Surfaces, and Contamination

Vision Systems Design 2019 Innovators Awards GOLD
[Line scan camera capable of capturing up to 142800 lines per second][NEW!/ high-speed striped LED lighting][Customizable Line Scan Camera Vision System XG-X Series]

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Reliable extraction of minute defects

Capture high-resolution images to extract defects otherwise impossible to see with a camera

  • Images with different stripe patterns are combined.

  • An image with only the defective area extracted is created.

    • Different calculation methods are used to create multiple images.

5 types of images created from each individual captured image

  • Normal image
  • Linear flaws
    Specular reflection image
  • Dirt
    Diffuse reflection image
  • Dullness
    Gloss ratio image
  • Dents
    Shape image

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Stable inspection of extracted defects

Stable inspection of conventionally difficult targets—from composite inspections of defects with varying conditions to inspections of complex shapes

  • Diffuse reflection image

  • Specular reflection

  • Shape image

the linear flaw! /the dirt!/the pinholes!/Extracted image/Selected defects are extracted.

  • XG-X
  • For more information on the NEW Line
    Scan Vision System, see the catalog below

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