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First Ever IQC (Integrated Quality Control) Device!

Instant High-Accuracy
3D Measurement

Introducing 3D
Displacement Sensors

3D Interference Measurement Sensor WI-5000 Series

  1. 1 Area measurement, not point or line measurement

    Instantly measure 80000 points over a maximum measurement area of 10 × 10 mm 0.39" × 0.39".
    Utilizing the principles of white light interferometry, the WI-5000 Series is not affected by material type, color, or blind spots, allowing for high-accuracy, micron-level measurement.

    1. Stop the target directly under the sensor head.
      (The minimum required stop time is 0.12 seconds.)

    2. Light is used to acquire 80000 points of height data.

    3. Height, height difference, width, volume, ...

      Height data is used to calculate various dimensions.

    Measurement in as little as 0.13 seconds

  2. 2 100% inline measurement at high speeds

    In order to measure multiple points, the sensor must scan the target quickly and accurately.
    Doing so requires the stage to be moved, which makes inspection extremely time-consuming.
    With the WI-5000 Series, measurement is performed over a surface, significantly reducing measurement time and enabling 100% inspection.

    1. Conventional method 1D Displacement Sensor + Moving Stage

      Inspection time (Place target, Measure Point A, Move, Measure Point B, Move, Measure Point C, Move, ..., Calculate measurement results)

    2. WI-5000 Series Eliminates the Need for a Moving Stage

      Inspection time (Place target. Measurement is completed instantaneously.) / Inspection time is reduced significantly

  3. 2 Streamlined offline inspection
    for significantly reduced labor times

    A dedicated stand to secure the sensor head is available for offline inspections.
    Various other functions were specifically designed for significant reductions in labor times.
    From simple measurement to data storage, the WI-5000 Series improves work efficiency in a variety of settings.

    1. Conventional method Inspection with a Measuring Microscope

      Inspection time (Set target, Adjust focus, Set zero-point, Slide stage, Adjust focus, Read measured value)

    2. WI-5000 Series With Dedicated Stand

      Inspection time (Place target. Measurement is completed instantaneously.) / Inspection time is reduced significantly

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