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Rewriting the Book on Vision Sensors with Artificial Intelligence NEW Vision Sensor with Built-in AIIV2 Series

Artificial Intelligence algorithm specializing in presence/difference means stable detection, regardless of user.

The IV2 Series uses a high performance lens, proprietary lighting, and automatic focus. By using this combination of optimized brightness and focus, clear images of the target workpiece are created.

With conventional vision sensors, a variety of factors can lead to false detections.

The AI-equipped IV2 Series automatically responds to changes without requiring user input.

Ambient light

Oil stains


Varied surfaces

Requires no difficult setup! Just register OK/NG targets.

Simply register an OK product and an NG product to automatically configure the optimal settings. With no user-based variations to worry about, stable detection can be ensured for all users.

Teach multiple patterns right away and perform additional learning later for robust stability.

If multiple OK or NG products are possible, learning can be performed by simply registering the products in advance. Additional learning after operation begins allows users to respond promptly to any changes that occur at the production site.

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Gear teeth count
Processing-based metal component difference check
LED lighting check
Cap tightening check
Label type differentiation
Mark detection on tires

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