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Full 360° 3D measurement

NEW3D Scanner CMM VL Series

Large objects

Scan and Measure Large Objects in 3D

The VL-500 automatically recognizes the size of the object and adjusts the scan range to collect data over its entirety.


Measure Complex Objects with High-Resolution

By incorporating both low and high magnification lenses, the VL-500 is able to acquire up to 16 million points per scan, capturing finer details even on smaller objects.

3D comparison and inspection

Compare 3D Scans to CAD or Against Other Parts

Measurement results can be evaluated directly with CAD data.

- Identify from designs

- Analyze differences between good and bad parts

- Inspect for caused by product usage and wear

Measurement and analysis

Next-Generation Measurement and Analysis Functions

Numerous measurement options ensure all aspects of an object can be completely evaluated with traceable measurement results.

Non-destructive cross-sectional measurement

GD&T measurements
at the click of a button

True-to-life scanning with accurate color information

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