New Product Portable Handheld 3D Probing and Scanning System Wide Area CMM WM-6000

Dimensional and Shape Measurement of Parts, Assemblies, and Equipment

Contact Probe for 3D/GD&T Measurement

New FunctionLaser-Scanning Probe for Shape Measurement

Easy to Use for Anyone, Anywhere

BeforeDifficult to Handle and Measure

  • Limited measurement range and routing capabilties
  • Restricted tool mobility
  • Requires a highly-trained operator

AfterEasy Inspection With Wireless Probes

  • Wide measurement range with no routing limitations
  • Flexibility with portable and wireless setup
  • Immediately usable by anyone

Easy Single-Person Measurement of Large Targets

The wide measurement range of up to 25m (82ft) enables single-operator measurement of large applications across multiple industries.