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Safety Support Guide Book

Safety Support Guide Book

This guidebook introduces a wide range of safety information, including machine safety standards (for manufacturing equipment and other machines), the Performance Level (PL) classification used for defining risk assessment and safety factors, and specific safety devices.

  • [File type]PDF:3.25MB

GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain Catalog

GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain Catalog

The NEW! GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain Features a Thick Metal Housing and Recessed Face to Prevent Damage from All Directions. Newly Designed Mounting Brackets Allow Quick No Hassle Installation to Standard Extruded Aluminum Framework While New Wiring Configurations Reduce Installation Time.

  • [File type]PDF:7.22MB

SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner Catalog

SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner Catalog

  • [File type]PDF:5.72MB
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