Introducing Navigation RPA, a System that Requires No Technical Knowledge or Programming Experience NEW Navigation RPA RK Series

Typical RPA Implementation Problems

  • Programming Knowledge is Still Required

    RPA software often claims no coding is necessary, but many tasks still require programming knowledge.

  • Hard to Maintain

    Troublesome maintenance for changes in operations or specifications.

  • Robots Stop Frequently

    Scenarios stop frequently due to various factors, such as software updates, and are left unresolved because the root cause cannot be identified.

  • Ineffective Due to Lack of Capable Users

    RPA cannot be used widely and thus is not as effective as expected.

KEYENCE's Navigation RPA
directly addresses these problems!

Follow the Navigation System and Complete the Setup in Just 2 Steps

Benefits from Deploying Navigation RPA

24/7 Operation

Autonomously process vast amounts of data at high speeds, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without interruption.

Reduce Human Errors

Utilizing RPA reduces the number of tasks handled by humans, thereby minimizing the potential for human error.

Minimize Overspecialized Tasks

Tasks that rely on the knowledge or abilities of a single individual are minimized, benefiting your organization’s succession plan.

Reduce Tedious Tasks

Tedious tasks can be reduced, allowing people to focus on high-value tasks that can only be performed by humans.

Streamline your Processes and Automate your Workflow with Navigation RPA!