Guidance for Periodic Data Logger Calibration

Calibration services available. Uses measuring instruments traced to international standards on the basis of a traceability system.

Importance of Periodic Calibration

The accuracy of measuring instruments worsens over time. To maintain the high accuracy of your trusted instruments, we recommend they be calibrated once per year. KEYENCE calibrates your instruments using measuring instruments traced to international standards on the basis of a traceability system and issues an inspection report, calibration certificate, and traceability chart.

Target Devices

NR-X Series

NR-TH08(P), NR-HA08(P), NR-XTH08T, NR-XHA08T, NR-HV04, NR-ST04, NR-CA04, NR-FV04

Calibration Flow

  • Calibration request
  • Estimate
  • Customer acknowledgment
  • Calibration
  • Shipping
  • * We can provide a replacement instrument while yours is being calibrated. Feel free to contact KEYENCE to request this replacement.


  • During calibration, we will subject the instrument to an operation test and a power-on test, check its accuracy and functions, clean its exterior, inspect it, and perform similar tasks.
  • Repairs are not included in calibration. If repairs are required, they will be carried out after first obtaining your consent.
  • We may refuse to calibrate the instrument if repairs or calibration are not possible due to operational errors arising from its handling by the user or due to malfunctions arising from natural disasters (fire damage, droppage, flooding, general damage, and contamination).
  • Instruments must be sent to KEYENCE for calibration.

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