GS Wiring Example 10

Main Unit Model: GS-73PC

OSSD operation Open/close link mode
Interlock function Manual
EDM function Not used
Applicable model Main unit Cable
Locking type GS-73PC GS-P12C5, 10, 20
No extension cable
GS - black, white, yellow, pink, brown, blue, gray, gray/black, light blue, light blue/black, red/black, red/white | Safety controller - black, white | yellow - S1 - brown | General-purpose PLC - gray/black | S1: reset switch (NO)
Required Pin Color Icon above Function
1 Brown +24 V
3 Blue 0 V
4 Black OSSD1
7 White OSSD2
2 Red/black Safety input 1
6 Red/white Safety input 2
9 Gray/black AUX output
10 Light blue Lock control input
12 Light blue/black OSSD operation switching input 1
5 Gray OSSD operation switching input 2
11 Yellow Reset/EDM input
8 Pink Interlock/EDM selection input
  • The required wiring ensures that operations can be checked without errors.
  • Independently insulate any unused wires. Do not bundle them together.