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Etch, engrave, and print barcodes, dates codes, serial numbes and logos on many product materials.

MD-X1000/1500 series - 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker

The MD-X Series is equipped with our newly developed laser oscillation technology that combines the characteristics of YVO4 and fiber lasers. It delivers high quality and high power to match a wide range of production needs for every industry.

MD-F3100/5100 series - 3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker

A combination of best-in-class 50 W output and 3-Axis control. Once again, KEYENCE leads the way in cutting edge laser marking technology.

MK-U6000 series - Universal Inkjet Printer

Automated Maintenance functions help to keep operation of our inkjet printer consistently stable regardless of user. Most critical parts are field replaceable and do not require specialized tools. The pumps, filters and nozzle are all replaceable keeping the machine running as much as possible.

ML-Z9500 series - 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

The ML-Z creates precise marking and reduced deformation on targets with varying surface shape and height.

MD-T1000 series - Telecentric Green Laser Marker

Integrated telecentric lens - Uniform quality across entire Area micron level marking resolution

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Ceramic,Coating Removal, etc…
  • High Peak Power and High Output Marking
  • The most versatile, general purpose marking solution for resins, plastics, films, foils and metals
  • Ultra-high definition marking and processing
  • Processing with minimal damage
  • Marking on highly reflective targets
  • Engraving
  • black character marking by high power
  • Processing with high power
Paper, Plastic, Transparent Materials, etc…
  • wide variety of materials
  • marking paper, plastic, glass, and ceramic
  • gate cutting of molded parts and PET sheet cutting with high power
  • High-speed and legible printing
  • marking lot codes, date codes, serial numbers, expiration date

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