A Business Model to Generate Added Value

KEYENCE products are highly versatile and are used in a wide variety of industries including semiconductors, LCDs, electric products, automobiles, food, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, biomedicals, metal and steel, logistics and retail.
Furthermore, we have 210 sales locations in 46 countries and work with some 250,000 customers in a wide variety of fields.

Planning and Development

Nearly 70% of our new products are both industry and world firsts.

We identify the potential needs and problems of our customers through our global direct sales, and we plan and develop world-first and industry-first products not for specific industries or as custom-made products but as standard products for use in a wide range of fields and industries.

Instead of commercializing exactly what the customer wants, we determine the latent needs that the customer may not be aware of and create products that the customer then desires.

Fabless Production System

We outsource production to subcontract plants throughout Japan without doing the production in-house. As a result, we can control equipment investment and select plants with the optimal equipment and technology according to the product characteristics.

The KEYENCE department in charge procures materials required for product planning, development, design and production, and the production technology, production planning and quality control departments are involved with production to build a system for mass-producing quality products while accumulating their knowledge and technology related to production.

Global Direct Sales

Our highly knowledgeable sales representatives work directly with the customer without going through an agent, allowing us to better understand the needs and problems facing our customers and to propose quick and accurate solutions using our products.

Using a direct sales system that does not require an agent eliminates the middle margin. By closely working with sales representatives at locations in various countries, we are able to provide global manufacturing support to our customers.

Standard sales structure

This structure uses an agent in between, so it may be difficult to identify the customer's true concerns.

KEYENCE direct sales system

The customer is in direct contact with a KEYENCE sales representative who has strong product knowledge and is able to propose optimal solutions for customer concerns.

Service Support System

Same-day Shipping System

Products are shipped with same-day shipping around the world. Customers can receive the needed volume at the required time, thereby minimizing the customer's inventory load.

Free-of-Charge Test Unit Service*

This service enables you to evaluate a product's performance and ease of use prior to purchase. The test equipment is shipped the same day just like our products. Not only does this give the customer peace of mind when purchasing the product, it also reduces waste due to mismatches.

* Some products are excluded from the test unit service. Please contact the nearest KEYENCE office for assistance.