Human Resources Development

Basic Guideline on Human Resources Development

KEYENCE prioritizes efforts to train its employees in order to contribute to the added value of the company, while aiming to create a workplace with a positive impact on society.

Basic Policy on People Development

  • Give employees ownership and accountability for both their actions and results
  • On-the-job training as a core component of the training program
  • Promote comprehensive skill development through continuous training programs

On-the-job Training Program Examples


Joint Action

  • New employees accompany senior employees on sales visits in order to learn sales techniques and industry knowledge.
  • Senior employees accompany new employees during sales visits and offer tangible business advice.


Project lead

  • New employees participate in development projects two months after joining the company.
  • We promote growth and development by giving significant project ownership to new employees.

Programs for Promoting On-the-job Training

Personal coach program

  • This program promotes growth by allowing new employees to receive general work advice directly from senior employees.

Mentoring program

  • This program differs from the personal coach system in that it allows experienced employees to mentor new employees and address their detailed questions and concerns.

Development Timeline

Training Programs

Management Development Program (MDP)

This training program cultivates next-generation leaders by granting trial management responsibilities for a certain period of time. This program not only encourages growth, but is also effective in developing leadership candidates and helps to maintain an active organization.

Career Development Program (CDP)

This program allows employees to move to another section of the company for a certain period of time to work in a new role. Experiencing various types of work outside of their specialties cultivates broad skill set and promotes development of new capacities. Recently, there has been an increase in "overseas CDP", in which Japanese workers are assigned to overseas subsidiaries to further this goal.

Multi assessment

To foster the development of managers, this program gives employees the opportunity to complete an evaluation (survey) of management. The purpose is to periodically and openly share strengths and improvement areas to improve management quality.