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Environmental Policy

KEYENCE will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities including efforts to protect the environment through its business activities and products.

Basic Principle

We recognize that efforts to protect the global environment, including the prevention of global warming, are of the utmost importance for the entire world.

Environmental Policy

Based on the fact that we develop, manufacture, and sell automatic control equipment, measuring equipment, related electronic/optoelectronics equipment, etc.and these systems, we are working on reducing the environmental burden based on the following policy.

  • 1.
    We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements, and work on environmental conservation by establishing voluntary management standards.
  • 2.
    In order to reduce our environmental burden, we will establish and maintain an environmental management system to continuously improve and promote the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • 3.
    Among the environmental impacts related to our activities, products, and services, we will address the following items as priority items.
    • i)
      Establish and maintain a chemical substance management system that includes the absence of harmful chemical substances from our products.
    • ii)
      Establish and promote a management system for electricity consumption for suppressing/reducing CO2 emissions.
    • iii)
      In order to make effective use of resources, we will reduce waste emission, promote energy conservation activities, and promote recycling.
    • iv)
      Promote the design and development of products that take into consideration customers’ environmental load reduction activities.
    • v)
      Promote activities that take into account the conservation of biodiversity.