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Creating a Fulfilling Workplace

Creating high added value starts with our employees. We are putting effort into creating a workplace culture of mutual respect and an environment that facilitates open collaboration and teamwork.

Creating a Workplace with Respect

Our policy is to create a fulfilling workplace in which people respect one another and a workplace that encourages productivity.

We are engaged in corporate activities with a strong sense of ethics. We follow rules and regulations in order to remain fair and consistent, and we do not discriminate or slander based on race, gender, nationality, creed, age or disability. We work to ensure that we do not harm each other in any way and that no one uses their role or position in a coercive manner.

A Work Environment with Open Discussion

We make efforts to create a workplace that fosters open communication and contribution from all members of our organization. We put emphasis on what was said, not who said it.

For example, in meetings employees should address each other with mutual respect and without regard to the job title. Our employees will sit amongst each other in meetings which creates a culture of open communication and collaboration regardless of tenure, position, or title.

In addition, we create open workspaces without communication barriers. For example, we do not have cubicles in our offices. All employees sit in an open floor which makes it easy to approach and communicate with everyone.

Workplace Counseling

We have an Employee Relations team available to provide advice and support in handling employee workplace concerns should they arise. Such concerns are also addressed with investigation and improvement actions while maintaining privacy.