Universal Inkjet Printer
MK-U6000 series

When your line runs error-free, productivity is maximized.

Reduce consumables by 70% without sacrificing stability.
KEYENCE's industrial inkjet printer has been developed
with the aim of improving efficiency and output.

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1. No clogging or unstable printing

The inner components of the head unit significantly impact print quality and line operation. In order to prevent printing inconsistencies caused by the working environment or operator error, the MK-U print heads are equipped with several functions that work to achieve stable operation.

2. Self-maintenance

With anyone able to perform on-site maintenance in a short time, it's possible to minimize the amount of time the line is stopped and reduce operation costs.
This ease of maintenance results in improved stable operation.

3. Easy connection to image sensor

With just one cable, connecting an image sensor is quick and simple.
Printing inspections can now be performed easily, giving you added peace of mind.

Test-print on your own products!

KEYENCE offers free testing support to meet the needs of customers who want to see how KEYENCE printers mark their products and how the ink adheres to their products. In addition, our experienced technical staff is capable of testing and returning samples quickly.

Try it out for yourself!

Signing up for a trial of the printer in your facility can help answer questions regarding the maintenance systems and simplicity of operation. Our professional sales staff can provide you with a printer and detailed information. Just indicate "Demonstration desired" on the following form and submit.

Estimates, detailed descriptions, and other consultations

Feel free to contact us for quotes and additional information regarding model selection, purchasing, and confirmation of the installation method.
Our expert engineers are ready to answer any questions.

Learn more about industrial inkjet printers

We have set up a special website for learning more about industrial inkjet printers, including principles/structure and case studies.

This website offers a lot of useful information, from basic information on industrial inkjet printers to detailed information on the MK-U6000 Series.

Get a variety of consultations via telephone, too.
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We'll connect you to the appropriate professionals.

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