Easy-To-Use CMM for Large-Scale Parts and Equipment NEW Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine WM-3500


KEYENCE's Wide-Area Coordinate Measuring Machine is the Solution to Conventional Problems

Conventional Problems

Large parts are difficult to measure

  • Measurement typically done by multiple inspectors
  • Measurement errors are likely to occur
  • 3D measurement is not possible

Tape measure




Just touch the measurement point with the handheld probe

  • Easy measurement by one person
  • Accurate measurement with no operator errors
  • 3D and GD&T measurement

NEW Ultra-Large-Area Measurement with a Maximum Measurement Size of 15 m (49.2')

1.5x the measurement range of conventional models, previously impossible measurements are now easily performed.

Ideal for a Wide Variety of Measurements of Large Products and Devices

Equipment Stand Measurement

Measure strain and warpage after welding and assembly.

Assembly Jig/Inspection Tool Measurement

Measure position coordinates on assemblies and inspection jigs.

Assembled Equipment Parts Measurement

Measure the positional relationships between holes on assemblies.

Rework Confirmation

Output or compare the measured shapes of targets as 3D CAD data.

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