Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine XM-5000

Portable, Benchtop CMMHigh-accuracy measurement over a large area;
on or off the system

High-Accuracy 3D Measurement With a Handheld Probe

Targets can be approached from any angle, allowing for intuitive measurement. The measurement results displayed on the monitor are easy to understand and include images.

Hole distance
Hole position

Large-Area Measurement With a Maximum Measurement Size of 2 m (6.6')

The measurement space is 66 times larger than that of conventional models. The catalog showcases our latest XM-5000 model which allows high-accuracy measurement for palm-sized parts up to several feet.


Adaptable Measurement Style

The measuring head can be installed not only on the stage but also on a dedicated mount or tripod. This new-concept coordinate measuring machine can be placed anywhere.

Adaptable to Your Workbench
Portable for Large Part Measurement
In-Machine Measurement

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