NEW Continuous Inkjet Printer MK-G Series Intelligent. Automatic. Dependable.

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Enhanced Diagnostics Smart Startup

Self-diagnosis followed by
automatic cleaning when necessary

At the press of a button, the printer will begin self-diagnosis and automatically select the most appropriate cleaning method. Cleaning is performed only when required to keep the printer in top condition.

Superior Durability Robust Design

No need to worry about water exposure

The entire printer—including not only the controller but also the print head and handheld console—is rated IP55, making the device both waterproof and dustproof. Using the included robust jacket also protects the device from drop impacts and helps reduce the frequency of malfunctions.

Easy Operation Operation Assist Camera

Advanced correction of print details simply by scanning text

Simply capture text or codes with the Operation Assist Camera to quickly and accurately change print content. With no need for user input from the console, errors can be prevented easily.

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