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          Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printers / CIJ Printers

          Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printers direct ink droplets onto targets in order to print date codes, lot numbers, and other information. These printers use a non-contact method of printing, resulting in clearer marks.

          Discontinued Series:
          • Continuous Inkjet Printer MK-G series

            The goal of the MK-G Series Continuous Inkjet Printer is to reduce manual operations to almost non-existent. Conventional continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers could not be used by everyone because they required a certain level of specialized knowledge and skills to operate. The MK-G Series features new functions that eliminate human judgment, guesswork, and manual operations that needed to be done by hand. The printer will begin self-diagnosis, automatically perform best corrective actions ranging from head cleaning to more complex troubleshooting and get itself up and running smoothly. The operation is consistent and cleaning is performed using the minimum amount of solvent required, which effectively reduce the running cost. Just pressing the Smart Startup button and let the MK-G handles the rest.

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