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Companies throughout the world rely on KEYENCE to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Worldwide Network: 220 Offices in 46 Countries

KEYENCE has flourished into a global leader in the industrial automation industry. Our expanded network of offices and engineers support and serve over 250,000 customers worldwide.

When partnering with KEYENCE, you'll not only receive the industry's most advanced products, but you can also count on a worldwide network. Manufacturing projects have become increasingly global in scope, and KEYENCE can provide solutions to customers no matter where their facilities are located or where their machines are being shipped. If you are located in a country where KEYENCE does not currently have an office, we can refer you to a trusted KEYENCE distributor if necessary.

In the United States, KEYENCE has over 30 offices and counting. Local product specialists understand your industry and are available to help you solve applications quickly.