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Safety Light Curtains

Safety light curtains are safety devices that create a virtual barrier around a hazard. These devices meet the highest safety standards of Type4, SIL3, Category4, and PLe. Integration is efficient and easy with the minimal footprint, durable housing, and options for reduced wiring. Each model achieves the high enclosure rating of IP65/IP67.

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GL-R series - Safety Light Curtain

This series is durable and simple. High power, recessed lens, and an extruded aluminum frame eliminate nuisance trips and offer sustained protection. Easy integration with full length indicators, built-in alignment, and multiple wiring options.

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GL-S series - Safety Light Curtain

This series has an ultra-thin housing with multiple wiring options and highly visible indicators. Ideal for tight spaces and easy to integrate.

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SL-V series - Safety Light Curtain

This series offers guarded and slim models with an optional safety relay.

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