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          Laser Marking Systems / Continuous Inkjet Printers

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          Metal Marking
          • Black Marking on Metal
          • White Marking on Metal
          • Engraving
          • Highly Reflective Targets
          • Metal Processing
          Plastic Marking
          • Plastic Marking
          • Coating Removal
          • Transparent / Translucent Objects
          • Damage-free Marking
          • Plastic Processing
          • Ceramic Marking
          • Paper/Wood Marking
          • Glass Marking
          • Rubber Marking

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          The most versatile, general-purpose laser marker for multiple materials. The MD-X series can mark both plastics and metals thanks to a unique oscillator design.

          This self-diagnosing printer runs algorithms that allow it to optimize startup and troubleshooting procedures, making it easy to use even for first-time users.

          High-contrast, damage-free “cold marking.” The MD-U series UV laser suppresses heat effects, burrs and yellow tinting to achieve nearly perfect part finishes.

          High-power fiber lasers designed for deep engraving and high-speed processing. Optimized scanning methods and on-the-fly focal adjustments give the MD-F series a leg-up over conventional laser engraving machines.

          High-speed and flexible CO2 laser engraver ideal for papers, plastics and resins. Greatly reduce product changeover and tooling times with native 3-Axis technology.

          Unparalleled accuracy and stability. The MD-T’s integrated telecentric lens keeps the beam perpendicular across the entire marking surface, making it the ideal laser for micron-level marking and processing.

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          Laser Marking Systems

          Continuous Inkjet Printers

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