Telecentric Green Laser Marker MD-T series

High-Quality Micron-Level Marking

A green laser marker with integrated telecentric lens for overwhelming accuracy and quality

MD-T series - Telecentric Green Laser Marker

MD-T green laser markers use an integrated telecentric lens to keep the laser beam perpendicular across the entire marking surface. This ensures micron-level marking and processing throughout the target area.


  • Copper lead frames

  • Small stainless steel objects

  • Ceramic LED chips

  • Glass-epoxy BGA packages


Ultra-high definition marking

Traditional lasers struggle to keep their marking area in focus due to F-Theta lenses. MD-T laser etching machines use telecentric lenses to emit their beam straight down across the entire field.

Conventional: Diagonal incident laser beam

MD-T: Perpendicular incidence over the entire area

Unparalleled accuracy and stability

Monocoque body structure analysis | Distortion is 2 μm 0.08 Mil or lower even at the area of maximum displacement

The MD-T’s monocoque design limits warping due to stress and temperature changes. Distortion that occurs during installation is limited to 2 μm or less.

Integrated Concentric Camera

Achieve positioning accuracy of ±10 μm using the high-magnification, built-in concentric camera. A visual marking overlay in the software and integrated lighting makes microscopic alignment incredibly easy.