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Optical Micrometer / Laser Micrometer

Similar to laser micrometers, optical micrometers are thrubeam sensors that measure any object that blocks the light passing from the transmitter to receiver. These sensors are designed without moving parts to provide accurate measurement without regular maintenance. KEYENCE’s optical micrometers come in single-axis, mutli-axis, or 2D models (that create 2D backlit images). Micrometers are ideal for measuring diameter, gap, and width with high accuracy.

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High Precision Measurement (Thrubeam Distance Sensors)

TM-X5000 series - Telecentric Measurement System

TM-X5000 Series telecentric measurement systems provide fast and accurate measurement by capturing the silhouette of a target. The dual telecentric optical systems provide reliable results inline by delivering focused images over a large depth of field. This design, in combination with the low-distortion lenses and proprietary algorithms, enable accurate measurements anywhere in the field of view, eliminating the need for precise target placement, external lighting, or even on-site calibration. The user-friendly system can be configured in 3 simple steps and includes over 100 tools for measurement and inspection, including: GD&T, master comparison, and defect distance detection.

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LS-9000 series - High-speed optical micrometer

LS-9000 Series high-speed optical micrometers are highly durable and provide the sampling speed (16000 samples/second) and repeatability (±0.03 μm) required to perform reliable inline measurement. Thanks to their specialized optical design using a high-intensity LED and telecentric lenses, these sensors do not contain any moving parts, thus delivering accuracy over a long service life. Its high speed, accuracy, and durability allow for stable inline and offline measurement in a variety of environments regardless of target material. The high-speed exposure captures clear images of moving targets, enabling accurate measurement for wires and other targets prone to vibration. The system can calculate a target's angle and automatically eliminate error due to tilt or misalignment. With its IP67 environmentally resistant design and air purge unit, this product is resistant to dirt and temperature changes and can be used in a variety of locations and environments.

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TM-3000 series - High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer

Performs in-line 2D measurements with high speed and precision. The TM-3000 Series is the industry's first 2D measurement system designed for use in process.

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LS-7000 series - High-speed, High-accuracy Digital Micrometer

LS-7000 Series high-speed, high-accuracy digital micrometers use our proprietary optical system with no moving parts to provide a measurement solution with high speed, accuracy, and durability. Conventional laser scanning micrometers drive a polygon mirror with a motor to measure parts. In contrast, the optical system of the LS-7000 Series uses a high-intensity GaN green LED light source, telecentric lenses, and an HL-CCD to deliver high-performance over the lifespan of the sensor, without constant maintenance or recalibration. Additionally, the system is equipped with a built-in monitor CMOS that displays the target within the measurement range, making it easy to check the measurement location or adjust the position of the target as necessary.

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Thrubeam Distance Sensors

IG series - Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer

IG Series multi-purpose CCD laser micrometers provide high-precision differentiation that is unaffected by how much light the target transmits. This series uses a line-charge coupled device (L-CCD) as its light receiving element. Instead of using received light intensity, it captures the edge of transmitted laser light, so it can perform high-accuracy, stable differentiation with 5 μm repeatability and ±0.1% linearity. This makes the IG Series capable of supporting various applications, including edge detection and positioning of clear glass, precise recognition of workpiece OD, feedback control while detecting a sheet edge, and roll gap measurement. The positioning monitor on the main unit facilitates optical-axis alignment when starting up a line and during changeovers.

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IB series - Thrubeam Type Laser Detection Sensor

IB Series thrubeam type laser detection sensors cater to a diverse range of applications by differentiating received light intensity with high accuracy. This series uses a photodiode (PD) for its light receiving element. By accurately detecting the changes in received light intensity, it can support various applications without being affected by the target. For example, the IB Series can be used for applications that are impossible with photoelectric sensors, such as detection of liquid crystal glass and liquid turbidity, differentiation of film types, tilt detection of chips, and incorrect seating of caps, all at low cost. The compact sensor head is equipped with an alignment LED, so optical-axis alignment is easy.