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Optical Micrometer / Laser Micrometer

Similar to laser micrometers, optical micrometers are thrubeam sensors that measure any object that blocks the light passing from the transmitter to receiver. KEYENCE’s optical micrometers come in single-axis, mutli-axis, or 2D models (that create 2D backlit images). Measure diameter, gap, and width with high accuracy.

Discontinued Series:

High Precision Measurement (Thrubeam Distance Sensors)

Thrubeam Distance Sensors

  • Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer IG series

    IG Series multi-purpose CCD laser micrometers provide high-precision differentiation that is unaffected by how much light the target transmits. This series uses a line-charge coupled device (L-CCD) as its light receiving element. Instead of using received light intensity, it captures the edge of transmitted laser light, so it can perform high-accuracy, stable differentiation with 5 μm repeatability and ±0.1% linearity. This makes the IG Series capable of supporting various applications, including edge detection and positioning of clear glass, precise recognition of workpiece OD, feedback control while detecting a sheet edge, and roll gap measurement. The positioning monitor on the main unit facilitates optical-axis alignment when starting up a line and during changeovers.