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Fluorescence Microscopes

An all-in-one fluorescence microscope that captures clear images with full electronic control and no darkroom required. This microscope greatly changes the conventional wisdom of microscopy such as the observation of communication processes between live cells, the high-resolution observation of whole targets, and the understanding of dispersion while viewing the full profile.

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BZ-X series - All-in-One Fluorescence Microscope

The BZ-X Series is an all-in-one fluorescence microscope equipped with advanced observation capabilities, a fully motorized control system for instant target acquisition, and advanced imaging and analysis functions. With a built-in darkroom and an installation area of ~ 1' x 2' the BZ-X can be set up in any location for optimal testing efficiency. The high-sensitivity, cooled CCD camera can be switched between monochrome and color imaging, and supports fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast imaging. The large motorized stage can quickly move to the desired observation location, while high-speed auto-focusing and automatic capture conditions allow any user to easily capture publication-quality images. Additionally, the BZ-X Series is capable of three-dimensional analysis, motion analysis, and time-series quantification.

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