Static Eliminators / Ionizers

Protect workers, machinery, and products from the damaging effects of electrostatic charge.


SJ-F700 series - Multi-Sensor Ionizer

The SJ-F700 Series Multi-Sensor Ionizer offers complete automation of periodic maintenance - an essential task with any static eliminator. Both probe cleaning and maintenance are done automatically by the unit, which eliminates the need to check static elimination performance.Offering completely maintenance-free operation while ensuring continued best-in-class static elimination (with an ion balance of +/-1V, elimination speed of 0.5 sec, and a static elimination area of 3m (9.8')), the SJ-F700 makes it easier than ever to solve static problems. Make use of maintenance-free static elimination with the SJ-F700 static eliminating blower for ESD (electrostatic discharge) and foreign object adhesion.

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SJ-E series - Ultra High Speed Sensing Ionizer Hybrid Type

Eliminate static electricity for a target area of up to 3000 mm (118.11″) at an installation distance of 300 mm (11.81″) to 1500 mm (59.06″). The energy-saving design reduces running costs by 60%. The SJ-E Series is KEYENCE’s flagship static eliminator.

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SJ-H series - Ultra High-Speed, Sensing Ionizers

SJ-H Series is a collection of advanced ultra-high-speed, charge sensing ionizers featuring low maintenance with the highest level of static elimination performance in all environments. While air is commonly used to improve static removal ability, compressed air may cause problems in certain industrial situations. The SJ-H Series achieves the highest level of static elimination in the industry without the use of air. Air-assisted static elimination is also available. Equipped with a function that controls air-flow and ion generation, the SJ-H has achieved top-class low-maintenance in the industry. The smallest-in-class body includes features that support any and all static elimination needs. SJ-H ionizers have a wide range of uses.

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SJ-LM series - Compact Nozzle Static Eliminator

Even with a built-in amplifier, the cylindrical design ensures an ultra-compact unit with a diameter of just 27 mm (1.06″) and a length of 93 mm (3.66″). Take advantage of the high degree of mounting freedom even in restricted or limited space.

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SJ-LG series - Ultra-durable, High-power Static Elimination Gun

Introducing a static electricity elimination gun with impressive dust removal performance and a robust design. Adding ions to air delivered at supersonic speeds helps not only remove foreign particles but also keep particles from re-adhering.

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SJ-LF series - Compact Fan Static Eliminator

SJ-LF Series compact fan static eliminators are anti-static blowers that allow operators to “see” whether there is static and “verify” that static has been removed. The “visualizing light” and large indicator display the electrostatic level. This means that it is possible to instantly determine whether the static on the target object has been properly eliminated, making operations checks during startup easy. The compact body is one-fifth of the size of conventional small blowers, which gives the SJ-LF an array of different installation options. The main unit itself can generate airflow, so there is no need to supply air from a compressor. The SJ-LF Series is a lineup of static neutralizing blowers that embody solutions to on-site needs, alerting operators to errors and failures with alarms, including an ion level alarm.

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SJ-M series - High-Performance Micro Static Eliminators

The high-performance SJ-M Series micro static eliminators are used as ultra-small embedded static eliminators. Spot nozzles and wide-area electrode probes are available depending on the required range of static elimination. Spot nozzles can focus on ionization and be built into a system designed to withstand high temperatures up to 80℃. The high-functionality controller indicates the static elimination status with an electrostatic monitor that shows the level of electrostatic charge of the target object, an ion level monitor that self-diagnoses and displays the ion level, and a condition monitor that displays and outputs an alarm when the static elimination effect is insufficient. In their small enclosures, the SJ-M Series micro static eliminators embody versatility that covers both spot and wide-area applications, a robustness that endures high temperatures, and best-in-its-class static elimination performance.

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SJ-F2000/5000 series - High-Speed, High-Precision, Wide-Area Static Elimination Blower

SJ-F2000/5000 high-speed, high-accuracy wide static elimination blowers are wide sensing ionizers that neutralize static-induced problems by removing static from the environment, including products, human bodies, and peripheral parts. The fastest-in-class static elimination performance and high-precision ion balance, together with the wide-range airflow adjustment function, support various settings for a static-free environment. Because ions are supplied at the optimal balance that matches the electrostatic charge, no cumbersome initial settings are required during implementation or maintenance, delivering even more effective static electricity elimination. SJ-F2000/5000 Series static elimination blowers offer high performance and excellent usability at a higher level. With functions that suppress wear and dirt build-up in the elimination probe, the static control system employs a structure that allows easy maintenance, and a compact body that takes little space for installation.

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SK series - Electrostatic Sensor

The SK Series electrostatic sensor measures static electricity and humidity at the same time. Because static electricity generation is closely related to humidity, the SK Series can determine the electric charge of the area around the target while understanding environmental conditions. Whereas conventional static electricity measuring instruments are prone to errors if the distance to the target changes, inline SK Series devices can correct static electricity measurements according to the target distance. Hand-held types are also available if measurement is needed at multiple points along a process. The SK Series’ various functions allow users to obtain a detailed, accurate understanding of the conditions in areas prone to static electricity problems.

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