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          Electrostatic Sensor

          SK series

          A static meter that displays and stores static measurements


          Multiple models

          Choose between a convenient hand-held type or an in-line version for continuous measurement.

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          High-precision and wide-range measurements

          KEYENCE can accommodate your needs for high-precision measurement of objects charged up to 50kV display with one-volt resolution.

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          Charge monitor function

          The SK-H050 features a charge monitor function that measures static elimination speed and balance, both of which indicate an ionizer's static elimination ability.
          * Required ionizer monitoring unit SK-H055 sold separately.

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          STATIC HUMIDITY + ELECTRICITY Simultaneous measurement

          Relationship between humidity and static charge (typical example)

          Measuring static electricity and humidity simultaneously makes it possible identify likely areas of static-related problems, paving the way for optimal static electricity solutions.

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          • SJ-H series - Ultra High-Speed, Sensing Ionizers

            Eliminate static electricity on a target area of up to 3000 mm at an installation distance of 300 to 1500 mm. The SJ-H Series provides high-speed static electricity elimination and is capable of eliminating static throughout the entire installation area.

          • SJ-LF series - Compact Fan Static Eliminator

            Small, easy-to-mount static eliminator that features visible feedback indicating whether a target has a static charge or not. The target area will light orange when static is present and green when absent. Easy installation and low-cost make this an ideal solution for troublesome areas.

          • SJ-F2000/5000 series - High-Speed, High-Precision, Wide-Area Static Elimination Blower

            Eliminate static electricity on a target area of 1000 mm at an installation distance of 200 to 1000 mm. With no need for an air supply, the SJ-F is suitable for desktop use.

          • SJ-M series - High-Performance Micro Static Eliminators

            Eliminate static electricity for a target area of 200 mm at an installation distance of up to 200 mm. The SJ-M Series boasts an ultra-compact ⌀10 mm static electricity elimination head suitable for installations within equipment or in narrow spaces.

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