Electrostatic Sensor SK series

A Static Meter That Displays and Stores Static Measurements

SK series - Electrostatic Sensor

The SK Series electrostatic sensor measures static electricity and humidity at the same time. Because static electricity generation is closely related to humidity, the SK Series can determine the electric charge of the area around the target while understanding environmental conditions. Whereas conventional static electricity measuring instruments are prone to errors if the distance to the target changes, inline SK Series devices can correct static electricity measurements according to the target distance. Hand-held types are also available if measurement is needed at multiple points along a process. The SK Series’ various functions allow users to obtain a detailed, accurate understanding of the conditions in areas prone to static electricity problems.


Multiple Models

Choose between a convenient hand-held type or an in-line version for continuous measurement.

High-Precision and Wide-Range Measurements

KEYENCE can accommodate your needs for high-precision measurement of objects charged up to 50kV display with one-volt resolution.

Charge Monitor Function

The SK-H050 features a charge monitor function that measures static elimination speed and balance, both of which indicate an ionizer's static elimination ability.

* Required ionizer monitoring unit SK-H055 sold separately.

STATIC HUMIDITY + ELECTRICITY Simultaneous Measurement

Relationship between humidity and static charge (typical example)

Measuring static electricity and humidity simultaneously makes it possible identify likely areas of static-related problems, paving the way for optimal static electricity solutions.