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A rich lineup of remote setup and received light intensity differentiation laser sensors. This page introduces compact digital CMOS laser sensors that have a built-in amplifier and boast high durability and stability, reflective/thrubeam model laser displacement sensors that are easy to use and have the versatility to support diverse applications, and image-based laser sensors.

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Distance Detection Based Sensors

LR-X series - Compact Laser Sensor

The LR-X Series is a remarkably small laser sensor capable of detecting targets based on position and is unaffected by color, surface finish, or shape. Impressive durability is achieved with its food-grade stainles steel housing (SUS316L), high IP ratings, and guarded cable. Position changes as small as 0.5 mm (0.02") are possible, along with automatic and real-time intensity adjustment to ensure stable detection on any target.

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LR-Z series - Self-contained CMOS Laser Sensor

The LR-Z Series is capable of detecting objects based on position or contrast, allowing it to reliably detect metal targets, dark targets, transparent targets, contrast changes, etc. The series is housed in a rugged metal body and offers a simple one button teach. It has a range of up to 500mm (19.69") and offers hard wired, M8 connector, and M12 connector cable options.

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LR-T series - All - Purpose Laser Sensor

The LR-T Series detects objects based on position and offers extended range to allow for flexible mounting. It is housed in a rugged metal housing, has a simple one button teach and is unaffected by color, surface finish or angle. This series has a range of up to 5m (16.4') and offers hard wired and M12 connector cable options.

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GV series - Digital CMOS Laser Sensor

The GV Series is designed to detect position changes as small as 0.02" (0.5 mm).

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Received Light Based Laser Sensors

LV-N series - Multi-Purpose Digital Laser Sensor

The LV-N Series features long range with a visible beam spot. The laser head lineup includes both spot and area types along with reflective, retro-reflective, and thrubeam models. The amplifier offers simple setup, straightforward operation, and easy to understand display. Network compatibility is also available with the LV-N Series.

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LV-S series - Ultra-small Digital Laser Sensor

The LV-S Series features compact sensor heads and low profile amplifier.

LV series - Digital Laser Sensor

The LV Series offers a selection of thrubeam, retro-reflective, and reflective laser sensors.

Laser Displacement Sensors

IX series - Image-Based Laser Sensor

IX Series image-based laser sensors can measure height anywhere within the area. Camera-based image recognition allows the laser to detect the height of the target point even when workpieces are not perfectly aligned on the production line. The height of where the laser hits the target will vary if the target is tilted or if the target itself is different, but the IX Series can identify the difference in height against the reference. For example, in a parts assembly line, a single IX Series unit can not only check for the presence of parts, but also perform seating checks and other height-based inspections. Thanks to its ability to detect height differences, the IX Series is also free from false detections and errors in the presence of glare from glossy surfaces of metal parts or when the detection target point has the same color as the background, offering stable automatic inline differentiation.

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IL series - CMOS Multi-Function Analog Laser Sensor

IL Series CMOS multi-function analog laser sensors are reflective laser displacement sensors that provide the best-in-class detection ability and stability at reasonable cost. Stable detection is possible without tuning for workpiece types or their surface conditions, so the IL Series can be added to production lines to help make setup, changeover, and product changes easier. With a wide-ranging lineup of sensor heads, including high-accuracy models and long-range (up to 3.5 m 11.5') models, these laser sensors can be applied to diverse applications thanks to their broad dynamic range and environmental resistance. 1 μm repeatability allows for use in high-tolerance detection setups that previous sensors could not stably provide.

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IA series - CMOS Analog Laser Sensor

Rugged, Reliable, Repeatable Laser Measurement Simplified. KEYENCE brings you an economical analog laser sensor

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