Small Size, Stable Detection NEW Compact Laser Sensor LR-X Series

Compact & Robust Design for Use Anywhere

Whether building a new machine or retrofitting an older one, the ultra-compact size of the LR-X Series makes it easy to integrate into any space. The metal housing and rugged design also ensure it will last in any environment.

Stable Detection of Any Target

Minimum Detectable Position Change: 0.5 mm 0.02"

The LR-X Series detects targets based on position, not light intensity. This allows for stable detection of targets regardless of color, surface finish, or shape. This allows the LR-X Series to be used in a wide variety of applications, including those with small position changes.

Shiny Metals
Rounded Surfaces
Black/Dark Targets
Varied Colors

Unmatched Ease of Use

Never guess at what a menu or setting is trying to say again! The LR-X Series features an intuitive OLED display, which spells things out with perfect clarity. From set points to menu settings, understanding a sensor has never been easier.



Integrated Impact/Bump Alarm

INDUSTRY'S FIRSTSensor with Gyro Monitor

Stable detection can quickly be compromised if a sensor is bumped or hit out of alignment. Luckily, the LR-X Series features the innovative gyro monitor, which can immediately alert users to impacts that could cause misalignment.

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