Detection based on “Light”
What is a Camera with a Built-in Laser Sensor?

This section provides a detailed look at image-based laser sensors.


Laser displacement sensors built into cameras represent a new concept in laser sensors in which the camera identifies the target's position, which allows the laser sensor to measure repeatable points even if the target's position is not consistent.

Position correction using images

Measuring the specified point's
height and height differences


  1. A: High precision CMOS sensor
  2. B: High-intensity LED illumination
  3. C: High luminance laser
  4. D: High precision MEMS mirror

In the drive scan system, the image data and the height information are captured in a single CMOS. The camera captures a photograph of the target object, extracts the outline and corrects the positioning. The laser scans the specified area by means of a MEMS mirror which continuously changes the laser's irradiation angle, allowing for height information to be captured. The 2 sets of data are formed into an image and processed.


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