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Glossary useful for selecting Fiber Unit

Key terms for selection

The following is the key terms for selecting a fiber unit and their meaning.

Fiber unit length

The length of a fiber unit. A longer fiber unit can be installed at a location farther from the fiberoptic amplifier.

Ambient temperature

The range of temperature in which the fiber unit can be used. To use a fiber unit at high ambient temperature, it is recommended to select a heat-resistant type.

Bend radius

The index indicating the maximum radius in which the fiber unit can be bent and still operate without problems. Fiber units with smaller bend radius are beneficial in locations where routing is difficult.

Detecting distance

The distance from which the sensor can detect targets.

Optical axis diameter

This index is mainly used for thrubeam model fiber units. For thrubeam fiber units, this is the size of object that will obstruct the optical axis entirely.

Minimum detectable object

The size of the smallest target which the fiber unit can detect.


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