Digital Fiber Optic Sensor

FS-N40 series

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Digital Fiber Optic Sensor FS-N40 series

A Return To Simplified Sensing

A genuine all-purpose solution easier and more stable than ever before.

FS-N40 series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensor

This series is able to detect virtually anything, in any environment with high power and a variety of head options. An OLED display provides clear and detailed information greatly reducing setup time. Integration is also made easy through reduced wiring options and fiber optics with integrated status indicators.

Solve Any and All Applications

KEYENCE has a wide variety of fiber units, which enables us to provide our customers with the optimum fiber unit for each application or usage environment.

  • Accurate, stable operation & simple setup
  • Over 100 types of fiber units

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Worlds Smartest Fiber Heads

Fiber optics with Built-In Indicators now allow for a quick status or alignment check by simply looking at the fiber head.

Fiber Units with Built-In Indicators

Quickly and easily recognize the sensor status by simply looking at the fiber head.

  • Integrated ON/OFF status indicators
  • Alignment assistance
  • Easy head identification

Easy to Read OLED Display

The OLED display is easy to read and the menu structure is incredibly simple, featuring intuitive navigation and easily understandable messages.

  • Innovative OLED display
  • Bar graph display
  • Easily understandable messages

High Power and Precision

Handle any and all applications with one high-powered amplifier and a variety of head options.

Apply Settings in 1 Second

The settings for up to 8 connected amplifiers can be saved on the Multi-Output Unit. If any of the amplifiers need to be replaced, the settings can be batch written to the new amplifiers, eliminating the need for any manual recalibration. Up to 3 memory banks can be configured to provide easy changeover between different runs on a machine.