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Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

FS-N40 series

A Return to Simplified Sensing


World's Smartest Fiber Heads

Fiber optics with Built-In Indicators now allow for a quick status or alignment check by simply looking at the fiber head.

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Read, Don't Guess

The OLED display is easy to read and the menu structure is incredibly simple, featuring intuitive navigation and easily understandable messages.

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Truly Versatile

Detect virtually any target with a wide variety of fiber optic head options. Tough contrast changes, small targets, and long distances are no issue.

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Apply Settings in 1 Second

Easily batch upload settings to amplifiers or return sensors to their correct settings with the push of a button.

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  • FU series - Fiber Unit

    This is a series of fiber optic sensor heads designed to be connected to a fiber optic sensor amplifier. The FU Series offers a wide variety of options including thrubeam, reflective, retro-reflective and definite reflective sensing heads. Additional options include those with high environmental resistance, integrated brackets, and those designed specifically to detect difficult targets.

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