Fiber Unit FU series

Wide Range of Fiber Optic Sensor Heads for Your Application Needs

FU series - Fiber Unit

This is a series of fiber optic sensor heads designed to be connected to a fiber optic sensor amplifier. The FU Series offers a wide variety of options including thrubeam, reflective, retro-reflective and definite reflective sensing heads. Additional options include those with high environmental resistance, integrated brackets, and those designed specifically to detect difficult targets.

Solve Any and All Applications

KEYENCE has a wide variety of fiber units, which enables us to provide our customers with the optimum fiber unit for each application or usage environment.

  • Accurate, stable operation & simple setup
  • Over 100 types of fiber units

More Details


Hex-shaped sensor head

Hex-shaped Heads

Easy, trouble-free mounting. Unbreakable fiber exits the housing at a right angle, like a periscope.

Toughflex sensor head

ToughFlex Heads

A flexible stainless steel jacket protects the fiber from daily wear.

Wide area head

Wide Area Heads

With the addition of the new array sensor, the FU Series can now be used in an even wider range of applications.

Small spot sensor head

Small Beam Spot Heads

Simplifies setup and helps reduce installation time.

Thin sleeve sensor head

Thin Sleeve Heads

Thin sleeve, thrubeam type for use in tight locations.

High flex sensor head

High-flex Heads

High-flex, reflective type provides higher flexibility than an electrical wire.

Narrowbeam sensor head

Narrow Beam Heads

Long-distance, side-view type. High-power unit with a side-view lens built in.

Heat Resistant sensor head

Heat Resistant Heads

Heat resistant fiber type. Resists temperatures up to 350 ℃ (+662 ℉)

Liquid level sensor head

Liquid Level Heads

ToughFlex tube-mountable liquid level detection type.

Long distance sensor head

Long Distance Heads

ULTRA long detecting distance up to 900 mm (FU-61), 1800 mm (FU-71).

Semiconductor, liquid crystal sensor head

Semiconductor/Liquid Crystal Detection Heads

Long detecting distance, definite-reflective type. Suitable for circuit board deflection detection and wafer mapping.

Environment-proof Fiber Unit Heads

Environment-proof Fiber Unit Heads

Water, Chemical & Oil Resistant Environment-Proof Fiber Units