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Vision Sensors

A sensor to solve any detection application. With built-in camera and optimized lighting, a wide area can be captured with an image and stable detection of multiple targets is possible even if they are misaligned. The lineup includes a model with AI that makes a wide range of pass/fail differentiations as easy and stable as possible.

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IV2 series - Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

The AI in the IV2 Series vision sensor is specifically designed for presence and difference checking. Users need only register at least one OK and NG product image to complete setup. Brightness, focus, and detection are automatically configured by the AI, allowing for easy adoption and operation with no specialized image-based differentiation skills or extensive time and effort required. Setting operations are performed using a small amplifier with a built-in high-performance CPU, eliminating the need for a separate high-performance PC. The IV2 Series also offers the same ease of use as the IV Series, including intuitive operation with a compact amplifier and touchscreen monitor, and instant OK/NG notifications via the high-visibility LED mounted on the ultra-compact head with built-in lighting. Using AI for detecting features and setting conditions also greatly improves on-site usability.

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IV series - Vision Sensor

Thanks to the integrated lighting, the IV Series is KEYENCE’s best-selling “simple and easy” vision sensor with a proven track record. In addition to color, shape, and edge-based differentiation, the sensors are also capable of character recognition (OCR). Automatic brightness adjustment and high-precision autofocusing mean users need only touch the detection target on the compact monitor to perform detection. Startup is also quick with a wide variety of analysis operations available in just 1 minute. The compact head is also equipped with high-intensity Hi-R illumination. Devices can be installed almost anywhere, and the built-in lighting provides bright, uniform illumination throughout the entire field of view for stable detection. The sensor head lineup includes ten different models to meet various detection, distance, field of view, and target size requirements.

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AI series - Pattern Matching Sensor

The AI Series detects targets over an area when position is not fixed, reflection is unstable, or to differentiate products. By covering an area, targets that are misaligned or rotated can be easily detected. This series has a range of up to 160mm (6.30") and offers hard wired and M8 connector cable options.

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