Vision Sensor IV series

IV series - Vision Sensor

Thanks to the integrated lighting, the IV Series is KEYENCE’s best-selling “simple and easy” vision sensor with a proven track record. In addition to color, shape, and edge-based differentiation, the sensors are also capable of character recognition (OCR). Automatic brightness adjustment and high-precision autofocusing mean users need only touch the detection target on the compact monitor to perform detection. Startup is also quick with a wide variety of analysis operations available in just 1 minute. The compact head is also equipped with high-intensity Hi-R illumination. Devices can be installed almost anywhere, and the built-in lighting provides bright, uniform illumination throughout the entire field of view for stable detection. The sensor head lineup includes ten different models to meet various detection, distance, field of view, and target size requirements.


  • Added OCR functions
  • Simple Installation
  • Easy Settings
  • Clear image capturing for greater stability
  • Larger image capture field for improved stability


Latest Technology

Ultimate Flexibility for Mistake and Error Proofing in Manufacturing

IV3 series - Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

  • AI-based imaging and detection for easy usability
  • All-in-one presence detection solution
  • Smart camera and compact model for use anywhere

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