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Fiber Optic Sensors

A fiberoptic sensor that uses diverse fiber units to support various applications in virtually any environment. These are reliable and easy-to-use devices that have high power, can automatically adjust to real-time conditions, and have a straightforward display that eliminates any guesswork.

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FS-N40 series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

This series is able to detect virtually anything, in any environment with high power and a variety of head options. An OLED display provides clear and detailed information greatly reducing setup time. Integration is also made easy through reduced wiring options and fiber optics with integrated status indicators.

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FU series - Fiber Unit

This is a series of fiber optic sensor heads designed to be connected to a fiber optic sensor amplifier. The FU Series offers a wide variety of options including thrubeam, reflective, retro-reflective and definite reflective sensing heads. Additional options include those with high environmental resistance, integrated brackets, and those designed specifically to detect difficult targets.

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